Daddy’s House

I have written on this scripture several times in the past as it is one of my favorite scriptures. Psalms 91:1 gets deeper and becomes ever more true every time I read it. Let us take a few moments to break it down. Those who dwell in the shelter or house of God will rest in the shadow or grace, blessing and protection of God’s almighty power. There are several amazing points that are made here. The first point is about dwelling in God’s shelter. A shelter is a form of house and when you stay in God’s house you are afforded the luxury of resting or being secure in His shadow. The beauty of God’s shadow is that when the sun beats down hard scorching everything around you, you don’t have to worry because you are resting in the coolness and comfort of God’s shadow.

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When the world is falling apart you can be confident and have joy because you are in God’s house resting in God’s shadow. When everyone is worried about wars and rumors of war you can have complete peace because you are resting in your Heavenly Father’s shelter and shadow. Many people would hate to live in the shadow of someone else, but for believers the only place to truly have peace, love and joy is in our father’s shadow. There are many great things about living in our father’s shelter such as the food, clothing and obvious shelter provided, Matthew 6:19-33, however, when you live in daddy’s house you also have to abide by daddy’s rules, John 14:15. This is where the internal struggle can begin if we are not careful. Many of us want to rest under daddy’s roof, eat daddy’s blessings and get protected by daddy’s shelter all while disobeying daddy’s rules. Is it fair to expect the shadow without the abiding? Would it be fair if your child asked for an allowance without doing his or her chores? God has the cattle on a thousand hills (wealth) , Psalms 50:10 and can bless us beyond anything we could ever ask or think, Ephesians 3:20, so it is never an issue with God’s supply. Speaking on my own behalf, I have needs that I desire to see met and if you are like me, there is always a demand for more of God’s presence and God’s blessings. If their is plenty of supply and more than an adequate amount of demand then the only disconnect would be our willingness to abide by the rules. If abiding is the only thing separating us from an unlimited supply of blessing located in the shadow of the Most High God then that only leaves one question. Can we abide long enough to get blessed in the shadow?

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High WILL REST in the shadow of the Almighty.

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