It Doesn’t Take Much

A little boy walking the beach with his father asked his father how sand was made. His father told him to look at the vastness of the mountains around them and told him that one day they will all become tiny grains of sand. The boy in total bewilderment asked his dad to explain. “Well son” the dad began “it really doesn’t take much” and with that the dad explained how the elements would eventually erode the largest rocks to mere dust and sand. How all they needed was a little time and a little rain. The son contemplated this for a moment and remembering the lesson he learned from his Sunday school class the week prior said to his dad, “you’re right it really doesn’t take much.” The dad now confused, excitedly asked his son what he meant by that statement. The son said “well dad, Jesus told the disciples if they had even a little faith they would be able to tell a mountain to go into the sea.” “Ok” the dad exclaimed, “what about it?” “Well, if the mountains become sand and the sea is filled with sand then the mountains are already in the sea!” “Never thought about it like that” the dad said. Turning and looking at his son he smiled and said “I am really impressed by the brain power you are using to figure this out.” The son smiled back and said “It doesn’t take much.”

This is a cute story that illustrates the power a little understanding can bring. We may get prestige, we may get cars and we may get fame, money and power, and that’s all ok, but the Bible says that…

7Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. -Proverbs 4

In all that we get, get understanding. You ever met someone that has a ton of problems and everywhere they go people love them then hate them yet they can never understand why? They have tons of self inflicted wounds yet it never dawns on them that they themselves are the eye of the hurricane. They may have gotten a lot of things in life, but they have grossly failed to get understanding. In those cases, power may be going to the breaker, but the lights still aren’t on. Seek First to gain wisdom and understand.

Five things to seek to understand better.

1. God: Matthew 6:33

2. Yourself: Nosce Te Ipsum

3. Others: seek to understand someone else and it will help you to understand God and yourself.

4. Life: The meaning of life is found here – Matthew 22:36-40

5. Death: Hosea 4:6

6. Eternal life: John 4:14

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