Jesus: Was He God or The Son Of God

The argument of whether Jesus was God or the Son of God has been going on since the prominence of Christianity. Today we will look at both sides of the coin and come up with a definitive and concise answer! An answer the can not and should not be refuted. First off I would like to state that I am not a historian, theologian or doctorate holding scholar. I have come up with the conclusion you will read today, by reading the bible in the context provided and deducing the importance and weight of each scripture as you, I or any layman would do. I have pondered this particular question for years if not decades and what you will read today is the culmination of the years of these ponderings. This will be the abridged and straightforward version as listing the dozens of direct scriptures and hundreds of reference scriptures isn’t feasible in a single setting.

Starting off we must know that men will never fully understand GOD. I’m pretty positive we all get this, but nonetheless it must be said. God has the ability to know all things, be all things, be in different time periods simultaneously, predict and create the future, all matter and scientific principals at will and without aid. This type of being will not be understood in a lifetime or a million lifetimes by any single human mind. The bible says it like this:

7“Can you solve the mysteries of God? Can you discover everything about the Almighty? 8 Such knowledge is higher than the heavens and who are you? It is deeper than the underworld what do you know? 9It is broader than the earth and wider than the sea. – Job 11

With that let us begin with those who believe Jesus IS God. Here are the supporting scriptures.

Old Testament:

6For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor,d Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. – Isaiah

Isaiah, by far, is the most prominent and respected prophet of the Old Testament, also referred to as the Law and The Prophets not to exclude what is known as the Books of Wisdom. Isaiah is so respected that he is the most quoted prophet of the New Testament and quoted by Jesus repeatedly. It would appear that it is clear here that Isaiah is saying that Jesus, the child to come, would be called Mighty God and Everlasting Father. This would clearly denote that Isaiah is saying that Jesus IS or at least will be rightly perceived as God. To back this claim, let us go to the New Testament.

New Testament:

The words of Apostle Paul

 9For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. – Colossians 1

This could not be written any clearer. All of God, Paul is appearing to say, is embodied in All of Jesus!

The Words of Jesus

30The Father and I are one.” – John 10

Jesus in plain text is saying that He and God are one. Jesus, not Paul, not Isaiah, but Jesus is stating this. This would appear to be irrefutable, well at least until you read the entire paragraph in context and see Jesus referring to God as My Father. With that let us move over to those who say that Jesus is the son of God.

Old Testament:

For the choir director: A psalm of David, to be sung to the tune “Doe of the Dawn.” My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? Why are you so far away when I groan for help? – Psalm 22:1

This scripture from the Old Testament was quoted by Jesus on the Cross of Christ as he was dying. Many say that this proves that Jesus is the Son of God and NOT God Himself. If Jesus were God who would He being crying out to – Himself? The New Testament supports this by saying:

New Testament:

21One day when the crowds were being baptized, Jesus himself was baptized. As he was praying, the heavens opened, 22and the Holy Spirit, in bodily form, descended on him like a dove. And a voice from heaven said, “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.g” -Like 3

Two massive points here that support Jesus as the son of God and not God present themselves here. The first is that God speaks directly to Jesus meaning you see the Father God and the Sonship of Jesus simultaneously interacting with each other. This would be the proverbial linchpin of the Sonship argument, however, something much greater is very commonly overlooked. The bible says that God is a spirit and to be worshipped in spirit and in truth (John 4:24), giving way to the idea that God is always in spirit form. If God is always a spirit and only uses manifestations of Himself such as burning bushes, clouds of fire and shadows to temporarily interact with humans then where does this leave the physical appearance of God. God told Moses that He would die if He looked upon Him directly (Exodus 33:20). Does this mean that if Jesus were God than everyone who looked at Jesus would die? The larger point of John 4:24 scripture that is commonly overlooked is the bodily presence of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit can take on a bodily presence at the same time that Jesus has a bodily presence than that would appear to indicate that the Holy Spirit would also be a separate entity from God the Father and Jesus in which case the Trinity (Father, Son, Spirit) would be proven in one single, amazingly powerful, verse!

Additional Scriptures on Salvation from John:

All who confess that Jesus is the Son of God have God living in them, and they live in God. 1 John 4:15

But these are written so that you may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you will have life by the power of his name. John 20:31

“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

In the end, salvation according to John appears to be based on believe in Christ as the Son of God. Jesus stated that God the Father and He are one. If this view is true than the singleness or trinity of God becomes a footnote and inconsequential. Both beliefs seem to hold up pretty well under scrutiny, so whether you believe Jesus is God or the Son of God, in the end the only question that would appear to actually matter is Do You Believe? Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, called all men to repentance and died for your sins. Jesus says in John 14:15 that if you love Him you’ll obey His commandments. He says that the greatest commandments are to love God and love each other. Are you doing these things? If yes, than praise God and if not then the deity of Jesus may be the least of your ideological worries.Presentation1.png

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