Are You Truly Handling Your Business

Handle your business… what exactly does that mean? Does it mean simply being busy? If it means being busy than every human being on the planet is, in essence, handling their business. However, I do believe that it means more than simply being busy. If you are very busy with tasks that advance your life and career by 10% and are delaying tasks that advance your life by 80% can you truly say that you are handling your business? What if you are prioritizing tasks that advance your pocketbook, but downgrades the quality of your family life and jeopardizes the stability of your children’s future by creating a likelihood of divorce? Can you say then that you are handling your business? Maybe home and work balance is working, but you have lost your soul self-spirituality and often feel like nothing makes you whole, in this case, are you truly handling your business? I have often found that life is a three-legged stool and that one-legged or two-legged victories are in essence still victorious failures. You cannot sit on a two-legged stool and so your life cannot take foundation on a two-legged victory. The three legs are money, family and soul self or spirit identity. Not trying to get deep into spirituality in this particular article, but in essence, those who gain great wealth and family success at the cost of their soul and spirituality i.e. Sunday time does not include a church service, prayer or meditation as a family, tend to be less full. By this same token if the family is going to church every Sunday and this is the most time the family spends out together bonding as a family then this too is a loss. The three-legged stool of life needs Jesus to be prioritized, family to be prioritized and enough income to not cause hardship. First world countries can easily fall into the trap of making the income leg far more important and as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs to make anything in life important is to instantly and easily without notice make somethisubscribe+share+like+carnigi+consulting[1]ng else in life less important. This is food for thought when creating a list of priorities in your life. Everything that you raise in importance is a multiplier that devalues something else for you cannot raise an issue without raising it above other issues now making the other issues, topics, tasks, etc. of lesser importance. To raise the importance of the career is to instantly devalue the family and soul self. Doing this for a short period of time, say a few days or weeks, may not cause the stool to collapse, but devaluing anything for too long will, in essence, cause lasting problems. How long can God and family stay simmering on the back burner before the pilot flame goes out and the warmth of those relationships is no more. Consider your pirorites today and decide right now if a reprioritzation needs to take place.

Bible References

Mark 8:36 New International Version (NIV)

36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?


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  1. This article popped up when i was reconsidering several things in my life…so this was almost a confirmation of some sort to establish that 3 legged stool truly and firmly. Keep writing…you never know who you are speaking to that day. God bless you.


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