See Yourself Through The Eyes of Your Haters

We live in a politically correct world that creates a realm of vicious distance between the average person and everyone else on the planet. Political correctness says to deny your feelings regardless the questions you have about a situation or the concerns you may feel the need to express.  Do not say anything about anyone if it can be perceived as negative, which in this day and age is virtually everything. So what if you have a question about someone’s race, upbringing or viewpoint as it relates to race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, religious affiliation, etc? Political correctness says that it is better to live in ignorance than try to genuinely understand someone that did not grow up as you did inside of your culture. This means that each generation gets more and more disconnected from those that are different and more and more susceptible to home race bios and unintentional discrimination due to underexposure. Political correctness allows one to live amongst all groups of people while never knowing any group other than their native group. This not only causes for a disconnect with subscribe+share+like+carnigi+consulting[1]individuals and groups but also a disconnect with oneself. The best way to not think more highly of yourself than one ought to think is to be humbled by the viewpoints of those that did not grow up in the same bubble that you did. If you believe that blue is the best color in the world and you arrogantly portray this to the world, if the world is not allowed to challenge you because they may hurt your delicate sensibilities then you will never grow or learn anything other than what you perceive as correct. If someone is bold enough to say “hey man, have you considered yellow” than this one question may trigger a change reaction of growth and self-discovery. The ability to question and challenge each other has been the primary catapult of discovery and innovation. Like a three year old consistently asking why, mankind has looked at human processes and thinking and have asked why. Why do we believe this way, why do we behave this way, why do you think that way, why do you think I should think that, why, why and why. The intelligent and well versed among us try to answers the questions of the world and the effectiveness of their answers shape the minds of the next generation. To remove the “why” for fear of hurting someone’s feelings removes their ability to learn and our ability to grow. If they ask me why and I cannot defend my stance than maybe I am standing on the wrong pillar. What drives humanity is the why. Why are we here, why does God allow problems, why should I be nice to people, why does racism exist, why do we have the right to vote and bear arms, why is Christianity the ONLY way to God, why aren’t more politicians women, why, why and why. The moment me asking about someone’s religion, race, upbringing, gender inequality or biases becomes taboo, then their ability to learn and my ability to learn have both become impeded. If I am the one with the bias I will never know come to know it if anyone who questions me about it is to be considered a hater, bigot, racists, moralist, nationalist, fascist or some other word ending in ist. In fact, we need the haters! The haters allow us to recognize our own foolhardiness and address it. The haters force us to fully understand our hard stances. Our haters are the heat that forges the steal of our life and faith and maybe, just maybe, they are not haters, but individuals that simply are not buying the nonsense we are selling forcing us to stop the nonsense and form better viewpoints.


Bible References

Romans 12:3 New International Version
For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.

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