Do You Feel Delayed in Life?

Today I woke up in a major rush to get to work. I was up late working, which is code word for watching my favorite show Defiance on Amazon Prime. Needless to say that when my alarm went off I may have hit the snooze button one too many times. Once I did get up, I gargled, ran out of the house like my nonexistent hair was on fire all while brushing my teeth all while taking Selina my dog out too poop. Forgetting the green potty bags I came back up the stairs of my apartment, finish brushing my teeth, fed the dog, by now nearly 10 minutes past 7am, Yikes!! Forgot the potty bags again and even forgot that See the source imageI was supposed to come back down to clean up her poop. Off to work around 14 or so minutes past 7am. Blazing down my inner city street, right turn, left turn, hit the gas, just to see in the distance the red flashers and closing arms of the train crossing. You have got to be pooping me!  Never wanting to miss a good opportunity to express my thoughts I turn on FB live and start streaming about the crazy morning I was having. In the VLOG I tell the world, or at least anyone who is up watching, about how life decides to delay you. I express how there are three ways to handle these delays. The first way to handle a delay in life is to get emotional. Ever meet someone that is always, angry, bitter, anxious, depressed, etc. well something in their life was delayed. Joy was delayed, fulfillment was delayed, closure was delayed, forgiveness was delayed and the response was to have an emotional response to the issue. Believe or not Ripley I actually recommend getting emotional and getting it out but after you get it out you have to then get over it. Why spend the life you have been blessed with today mourning over yesterday’s delays. Doing this causes further delays and thus more agony. It is far better to get angry, cry, scream, yell, kick the couch, take a run, join a gym whatever releases those emotions in a positive way and then get over it. The second way to handle a delay in life is to realign your goals. So you are not a rich thirty something with a house, wife, kid and a dog or powerful business woman conquering the world at thirty nine, so what, create new goals and chase those. If you are depressed that you did not hit the goals at thirty that you set at twenty ask yourself, was the twenty year old version of you who set those goals even the same person as the thirty year old version of you who is trying to achieve those goals. You may be trying to achieve a broken paradigm or you may not have calculated the fact that life happens. My dad got sick in La and I had to leave VA to go and help. Selling off all of my businesses and using all of my savings to facility the move. Life happens, adjust fire, set new goals and move forward in the joy of the Lord. Life is a moving target and if you do not adjust fire every now and then you will always miss the mark. The third way like-comment-and-subscribeto handle delay is to double down. Maybe the forty year old you still wants to achieve the goals the twenty year old you set. That is perfectly fine just sit down, write down the vision making it plain as the bible says, and push forward. Realignment means you have to set new PUSH goals or goals that push you where doubling down forces you to concentrate your efforts on making radical changes that are totally life disrupting to achieve already created goals. If radical cycle destroying habits are not created then the life cycle you are in will never be broken allowing for a new paradigm to be created. Your current life has a gravity and you have to birth a radical rocket to breakthrough the pull of gravity for your current life. I have a friend that wants to be an event planner and the pull of gravity in her life calls for her to be an executive administrator and unless she fuels up her radical rocket and does something bold, risky, and daring then she will die as some mans personal assistant. This is not bad for someone who wants to be a PA, but it is life destroying for someone whose dream was not to be a PA. It takes radical behavior to break the cycle of a delayed life. Three ways to handle delays, choose one, but not the first one!


Bible References:

Habakuk 2: 2New American Standard Bible
Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run.

Nehemiah 8:10 New International Version (NIV)

10 Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

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