Are You Truly Handling Your Business

Handle your business... what exactly does that mean? Does it mean simply being busy? If it means being busy than every human being on the planet is, in essence, handling their business. However, I do believe that it means more than simply being busy. If you are very busy with tasks that advance your life... Continue Reading →


See Yourself Through The Eyes of Your Haters

We live in a politically correct world that creates a realm of vicious distance between the average person and everyone else on the planet. Political correctness says to deny your feelings regardless the questions you have about a situation or the concerns you may feel the need to express.  Do not say anything about anyone... Continue Reading →

Does Jesus Hate Religion or Religious People?

I read an article today that started with a title like "Pastor Hates Religion" or something like that. The article was discussing how a pastor says religion isn't helpful. The article was discussing Alex Himaya, senior pastor of theChurchat (and yes that is spelled correctly). Pastor Himaya has written a book entitled Jesus hates Religion and in... Continue Reading →

Can I Lose My Salvation?

There are three schools of thought when it comes to losing one's salvation. The three schools of thought are once saved always saved, salvation can be lost due to sin and predestination or the idea that everyone's fate is predetermined regardless of how you live your life. All three of these cases can be backed by... Continue Reading →

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