Doubting Jesus: Why People Don’t Believe

On May 20, 2017, US President Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia for his first foreign trip as president. According to numerous media outlets, the fanfare was enormous. The Saudi capital of Riyadh was lined with banners. There were posters depicting the president and to honor him the Star-Spangled Banner was played. The president was brought... Continue Reading →

Marriage: A Woman’s Second Most Important Decision

I would like to start off by saying that this blog post is not light and fluffy. It is not encouraging in the traditional sense and it is not for the faint of heart. The matters discussed are controversial and not easily read. Everything in this blog needed to be written, but please temper your... Continue Reading →

Quantum Faith: Living With God On A Higher Plane

Today we are going to become Quantum physicists! Becoming a quantum physicist was my lifelong dream until very recently and if I am honest with myself I kind of still want to study quantum physics. I love this field of science because it deals with Space-Time or how speed and distance can actually affect time... Continue Reading →

Where Were You When The Shots Rang Out?

  Today America witnessed one of the most atrocious massacres in US history the grandeur of which will be felt for ages to come. Our nation now mourns the loss of many beautiful, wonderful and tenderly innocent lives. Thousands of music lovers went to listen to music and dance the day away at a Jason... Continue Reading →

It Takes More Than A Hurricane!

In the midst of massive worldwide devastation, many feel insignificant, alone and hopeless. Multiple hurricanes in less than two weeks have devasted multiple American cities and many coastal islands. An earthquake the likes Mexico has never seen had toppled building and killed hundreds. Many around those areas of the world and many watching what appears... Continue Reading →

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