Are You Truly Handling Your Business

Handle your business... what exactly does that mean? Does it mean simply being busy? If it means being busy than every human being on the planet is, in essence, handling their business. However, I do believe that it means more than simply being busy. If you are very busy with tasks that advance your life... Continue Reading →

Broken Faith: How to Recapture The Fire

So imagine that you are a guy named Peter and had a thriving business and one day you left your business to go work with a new startup business. The CEO and president has decided to make you the vice president of the new company. You leave your customers, friends and even family to travel... Continue Reading →

The Unshakable Government

December 2017... US Government threatens shutdown January 2018... Government shuts down, reopens temporarily and has a repeat shutdown looming. I'm not sure about whether or not the US Government will be open next month or not, but I know that God's government never shuts down and is always open to His people! You might be... Continue Reading →

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